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As part of the nationwide effort, Walking with Moms in Need: A Year of Service, the USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities will be providing educational materials to help the Faithful reflect on the teachings of Evangelium vitaeEvangelii gaudium, and Laudato si'. The provided materials can be used to help Catholics better understand the Gospel call to go to the peripheries and bring hope and help to those in need. These materials can be printed and reproduced provided these reproduction guidelines are followed. 

Materials will continue to be added throughout the Year of Service.


25 Years of the Gospel of Life

A two-page summary of Evangelium vitae (The Gospel of Life) that highlights the key themes and teachings of this prophetic document. (approximately 940 words)


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Pope St. John Paul II's Challenge to Our Church: 

The Inspiration for Walking with Moms in Need

A two-page explanation of Evangelium vitae (The Gospel of Life) as inspiration for Walking with Moms in Need: A Year of Service. (approximately 960 words)


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