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As part of Walking with Moms in Need, parishes are encouraged to complete a simple inventory of the resources currently available in their local area, assess the results and identify gaps, and plan and implement a parish response based on their findings. The following resources are provided to help guide parishes through the process as they work to better serve pregnant women in need. 

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Don't know where to start?


This introductory webinar explains the vision and inspiration for Walking with Moms in Need. It also guides you through the website and extensive resources, explaining how—with these tools—you can help pregnant and parenting moms in your community.




The Parish Action Guide includes specific materials and detailed resources to help guide parishes through the Walking with Moms process, including sample timelines, announcements, prayers, activities, homily notes, and more. It is designed primarily for use by the parish leader. While each parish will participate in its own unique way, this Action Guide provides a basic framework and structure that can be adapted to each community's needs.

Everything you need to participate is included or linked to in the Action Guide.

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Parish Action Guide


The Parish Action Guide Summary is a condensed version of the full Parish Action Guide. It provides simple, one-page instructions for completing the Walking with Moms in Need process.

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The Parish Inventory Tool helps parish leaders identify local resources for pregnancy assistance such as pregnancy help centers, maternity homes, social service agencies, hospitals, and especially Catholic programs and resources. It also asks parishes to begin thinking about how these resources are communicated and advertised to those who are most in need of support.

The inventory tool provides a framework and structure to help guide parishes through the process of gathering important information about local resources.

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This sample timeline is fully editable and customizable. While general timeframes are suggested, parishes and dioceses are encouraged to adapt this resource to meet their local needs.

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