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Praying for Moms

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Prayer guides are available to help you regularly pray for mothers in need in your parish community. Each guide features a different prayer intention, short reflection, suggested actions, and more.

These prayer guides can be featured in Sunday bulletins, included in parish newsletters and emails, used in core team meetings, and more!

Browse and download the prayer guides below and find additional ideas for using these resources in your parish.

Available in

English and Spanish!

Prayer Guide 1


Prayer Guide 3


Prayer Guide 5


Prayer Guide 7


Prayer Guide 9


Prayer Guide 11


Prayer Guide 2


Prayer Guide 4


Prayer Guide 6


Prayer Guide 8


Prayer Guide 10


Prayer Guide 12



Using Prayer Guides in Your Parish

Sample Schedule

The provided prayer guides can all be used at any time of year, during any part of the Walking with Moms in Need process, and in any order.

However, a listing of suggested prayer guides for each month is available to help make natural connections to the liturgical year.

Because the suggested timeline to implement Walking with Moms in your parish is one year, consider featuring a different prayer guide each month during the process.

  • January: Prayer Guide 1

  • February: Prayer Guide 2

  • March: Prayer Guide 3

  • April: Prayer Guide 4

  • May: Prayer Guide 5

  • June: Prayer Guide 6

  • July: Prayer Guide 7

  • August: Prayer Guide 8

  • September: Prayer Guide 9

  • October: Prayer Guide 10

  • November: Prayer Guide 11

  • December: Prayer Guide 12

Get Creative

These prayer guides can be used however is most helpful to you. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate prayer for mothers in need into the life of your parish using the prayer guides:

  • Print a different prayer guide in your bulletin each month during the Walking with Moms in Need process.

  • Use a prayer guide to open or close each core team meeting.

  • Include a prayer guide in regular email updates to your parish support network.

  • Share the intention graphic and a link to full prayer guide on parish social media channels.

  • Include a prayer guide in regular parish newsletters, emails, and updates, inviting the whole parish to pray for the featured intention.

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