Right now, many families are doing their best to balance work, child-care, and other duties in an atmosphere of confusion and insecurity. Many families suffer great economic strain from lost jobs or work opportunities, and have trouble paying for food and shelter. Meanwhile, the families of healthcare workers are concerned for their well-being, and healthcare workers worry about the risk their work places on their families. God designed families to be our greatest sources of human love and support. We pray that all families may have their material needs met, and that they may receive spiritual graces to grow in love and support for each other.

Let us pray:


O Blessed Mother, you received the good news of the incarnation of Christ, your Son, with faith and trust. Grant your protection to all pregnant mothers facing difficulties.


Guide us as we strive to make our parish communities places of welcome and assistance for mothers in need. Help us become instruments of God’s love and compassion.


Mary, Mother of the Church, graciously help us build a culture of life and a civilization of love, together with all people of good will, to the praise and glory of God, the Creator and lover of life. Amen.


(Our FatherHail Mary, and Glory Be)

Saint Gianna Novena

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